Your government will constantly repeat the line that annual immigration is good for the country, it is humane, adds cultural diversity and is good for the economy. Governments approve immigration numbers that flow into the country for only 2 reasons. The first is that the hourly wage for workers can be kept as low as possible and secondly that influential and large employers profits can be maximised. This in turn, increases the tax take of the government.

The United Nations is and has been attempting to dictate to every country the refugee numbers and the source country that the immigrants are to come from. This, in effect, is a UN tactic to override the sovereignty of each country. New Zealand, in 2020, agreed to increase their refugee number annually to 1500, up 500. In an effort to please the UN, PM Ardern claimed that “It was the right thing to do”. The cost of this generosity to the taxpayer is $180 million. The decision is baffling and beyond comprehension. NZ has a critical housing shortage which includes public housing. Over 23,000 people are on the official public housing waiting list. One of the benefits that arriving refugees get, by default, is housing.

All countries that accept annual immigrant quotas, know full well that the same immigrant settlement pattern and plan occurs in every country. If immigrants from the same country arrive in sufficient numbers, they all move into the same large suburb in a major city. Within a period of 1 or 2 years that suburb is totally occupied and dominated by that particular race or ethnicity. what happens. Depending on the religion of the immigrants, there will be a multi million dollar mosque, temple or other place of worship dominating the suburb. Local shops, businesses and schools are all owned, operated or controlled by this immigrant group.

No consideration is given to the residents who lived in the suburb prior to the invasion of the immigrants. Their only choice is to stay and live in a foreign environment or sell up and move to another area. This is what the immigrants want to happen and pathetic weak governments stand by and watch these suburb transitions take place.

The end result of this premeditated takeover of the suburb by immigrant ethnicity, guarantees that no integration at any level into any community ever takes place. There is no need to even bother to mix with any other race, as the language of the suburb is their own native tongue. The end outcome is that a large group of refugees has moved into the country and behave no differently than if they had remained in their own country.

The last step in this absorption process is for the immigrant suburb to select immigrant candidates to stand for every local body election that is held. They are guaranteed to be elected as only their own race in their own suburb can vote for them. Then they have gained representation on the local council, the hospital board and the school board. This is then followed up by winning selection to contest the local seat in the House of Parliament.

It is not a difficult issue to correct. Immigrants on arrival should be spread around towns and cities across their new country in small groups of no more than 20. A rule of their residency is that they remain in the location in which they were settled for a minimum of 5 years. That way immigrants have no choice other than to integrate into and become part of, their new community. That way there is an excellent chance that an immigrant will become a proud citizen of their new country and at least speak the official language of that country.

All governments need to get off their collective lazy backsides and radically overhaul their immigration policies and settlement procedures. Otherwise, countries are going to face massive resentment, suburban gangs and wars, racism and no go zones. Sadly this is already happening all over the world.

The impact on the country is significant on all citizens who live there. In the year ended June 2020, for example, the net migration into NZ was 79,400 immigrants. To put this in context, this is more than the total population of the city of Palmerston North arriving in NZ every year. The country does not have the infrastructure in place or the capacity to continue to take quotas of this size.

It is very obvious, everybody wants their country to be a safe clean happy place to live. The role of the Government is to enhance those objectives by implementing legislation and policies that focus on and achieve the necessary outcomes. Govern for all the people of the country and not for a self indulgent ambition to be a figure on the world stage. If your PM wants a senior role at the UN or the WHO above all else, then vote him or her out.